Air Sealing & Weatherization to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

For many people living in and around the Minneapolis and St. Cloud area, spring is the time of year that signifies long, warmer days. Some, however, associate the spring months with an onslaught of seasonal allergies, and these individuals are currently in the throes of constant headaches and sneezing. Escaping to the indoors is often thought of as a solution, but what if your home is actually letting unwanted allergens make your life more difficult without you even knowing about it?

The answer to your indoor allergies may be found in air sealing and weatherization, and our team can help show you the difference it can make first-hand—read on to learn more.

The Importance of the Building Envelope

Your home’s building envelope is essentially what separates its conditioned spaces (your living room, dining room, kitchen etc.) from unconditioned areas like your garage and the outside. What many people don’t realize is that their building envelopes are riddled with tiny cracks and gaps, the likes of which cannot always be seen with the naked eye. Even if you don’t notice an issue at play, these tiny cracks and gaps can allow unwanted airflow to occur, thus bringing outside contaminants—including outdoor allergens—into your living space.

So, how can you put a stop to this common problem? Air sealing and weatherization. At RetroGreen Energy, we utilize spray foam insulation—specifically RetroFoam—to help seal-off and weatherize crucial portions of your home such as your attic and walls. This stops unwanted airflow from occurring, thus keeping allergens outside. Finally, you’ll be able to retreat to your home on days when the pollen count is through the roof, and it will actually make a difference.

The Benefits of Air Sealing and Weatherization

Air sealing and weatherization clearly help to reduce in-home symptoms of allergies, but that’s far from being the only benefit associated with RetroFoam. Most of our customers experience a significant uptick in indoor comfort not only during the summer months, but in the dead of winter as well, as RetroFoam helps your HVAC equipment operate at peak capacity. Between cleaner air, a more efficient home environment and reduced temperature swings, installing RetroFoam may be the most effective home upgrade you can make this year.

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