How to Reduce Utility Bills and Increase Property Value

Everyone is looking for a way to reduce energy bills and improve property value of their home. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home right now, you’ll need to sell it eventually, and everyone could use a few extra dollars in their pocket. A great way to reduce utility bills and improve the property value of your home is by investing in retrofitting.

Retrofitting consists of making your home more energy efficient. One way this can be done is by sealing air leaks and properly insulating your home. Weather stripping and caulking will air seal your home, and then you can move on to insulation, which will keep outside air out and comfortable air in. You won’t have to worry about losing heated air in the winter and cooled air in the summer. Your furnace and air conditioner won’t need to work so hard to maintain a consistent temperature because you won’t be losing so much air through leaks. Over time, you will notice a significant change in your heating and cooling bills.

An energy efficient home will increase your property value. Home buyers aren’t looking for old, outdated homes that suck up extra funds. The energy-conscious consumer is looking for home upgrades that lower utility bills and make the home run more efficiently. This includes updated kitchen appliances, solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and of course, retrofitting. No one wants to buy a home that is freezing in the winter and hot in the summer due to air leaks and poor insulation, or a bad roof and outdated furnace and water heater. A home with newer appliances, great insulation, and curb appeal will significantly increase property value.

Enrolling in energy efficient programs will also save you money. Electric companies provide rebates, discounted rates, and other incentives to people who enroll in special programs, like ones that focus on lowering the reliance on fossil fuels. Often times, you’ll receive tax credits for investing in solar panels.

If you have questions about reducing your utility bills and increasing your property value, give us a call at: 320-252-8888.

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