The Benefits of Solar Energy Systems

Going green and saving energy is not just the newest trend; it is here to stay. In 2019, The United States surpassed 2 million solar panel installations, and the prevalence of the green energy source did not stop there. Why are so many people switching to a renewable source? In short, there are many benefits of solar energy, including being better for the environment and federal incentives. Switching to a renewable energy source saves the green inside your pockets.


Solar Energy Is Better for the Environment

It is no surprise that switching to a solar energy source for your home will help the environment. Solar power systems run off of the sun’s power, which is not going anywhere anytime soon. Using the sun’s energy eliminates the need for fossil fuels, which have proven harmful to the atmosphere. Homes that do not use solar energy have to use fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas, which emit greenhouse gases when burned. Many homeowners have switched to solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and have a greener consciousness.


Save Money with Solar Energy Systems

With the rise of popularity in solar energy, the prices for installing new panels are actually going down. One added benefit to solar energy is the investment tax credit (ITC), which was designed as an incentive for companies and homeowners to invest in solar energy. ITC is commonly referred to as the federal solar tax credit and allows residential and commercial systems to deduct up to 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system.


People who make the switch to a solar energy system have also saved money on electricity bills. When you switch to a solar energy source, you cut out the need to work with electric companies to keep the lights on. Forbes states, “The biggest benefit of having solar panels installed is that you will save on electricity costs.” Depending on the size of your solar energy unit and your home, you might even be able to have your entire home running off of solar energy.


There are many other added benefits to switching to solar energy outside of saving the environment and money. However, those are two great places to start. If you are interested in preparing your home for solar energy, get your home zero energy ready and contact us today for an energy audit.

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