Treating or Converting Your Home’s Crawlspace

Crawl space under house

Crawlspaces: In older homes, it might just be that creepy space behind the wall, under your home, or in your basement. It might only be accessible via a door outside attached to your home, or you might not even realize it’s there.

Older homes used crawlspaces to reduce moisture in the home, though this didn’t end up being a very successful solution. Your home’s crawlspace might seem like nothing more than a utility entrance; however, some homeowners transform their crawlspaces into anything from a useful storage area to an extra play area for their children. In the age of DIY, your home’s crawlspace can be much more.

Assessing the Space

Be warned: transforming a crawlspace is a project that may not be right for every home. Converting a crawlspace sometimes isn’t possible for your home. If the space isn’t easily accessible, it can take massive alterations and foundational changes that may not be worth the effort.


Take a moment to assess your home. What condition is your crawlspace in? Do you see mold, evidence of insects or pests, or rot? If so, your space might not be a candidate for a makeover–and you should address what might be a much bigger problem.


Controlling Moisture and the Elements

After you’ve decided how you’d like to use your crawlspace, you’ll typically need to separate it from the elements. Many crawlspaces have dirt floors, meaning you’d have to line the floor with a reinforced poly vapor barrier or pour concrete. Typically, crawlspaces are heated meaning they also need to be air sealed and insulated.

At RetroGreen, we work to trap moisture where it belongs: outside your home. We also use closed cells spray foam insulation to lock out moisture, reduce the risk of mold, reduce radon levels, and improve indoor air quality throughout your home.


Whether you are looking to transform your crawlspace into something more, improve comfort and air quality, or just upgrade your home, contact RetroGreen to get started!

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