Crawl Space Insulation

A well-insulated lower level is a critical component to a comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy building. However, many structures and homes in the greater St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minneapolis area aren’t properly insulated.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

For crawl space floors, we often recommend a reinforced plastic vapor barrier across the entire surface and partway up each wall, this stops unwanted moisture from entering your house and affecting humidity levels. Also, by trapping the moisture in the dirt this will dramatically reduce the risk of mold and improve indoor air quality. To complete the encapsulation, spray foam is used around the walls to lock the vapor barrier in place.

Crawl Spaces: Did You Know?

Many homes of years past had vented crawlspaces. This was in an effort to vent away the problem of ground moisture and was not the right solution. Like everything we do at RetroGreen Energy, we actually get to the root of the issues and understand the science of the building to make sense of not just how, by why we fix things the way we do.

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RetroFoam injection foam insulation does what other insulation materials can’t — it’s a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product’s very high R-value, its ability to fill a space and the way it molds itself around any obstacle

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