Foundation Insulation

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Injection Foam Foundation Insulation

For homes with basements or foundations that lack insulation we can inject RetroFoam insulation into the block cavities through a 5/8″ hole. The foam fills all cracks and cavities within the block. This dramatically improves the durability and thermal performance, which boosts comfort and energy efficiency.

Foundation Insulation: Did You Know?

The University of Minnesota conducted research in 2015 on un-insulated foundation blocks in homes and found that up to 15% of energy can be wasted in poorly insulated foundations. Injecting the block foundation of homes can eliminate convection currents in the empty block walls that can create moisture and cold, uncomfortable basements.

RetroGreen Energy Injects new soccer stadium in Minnesota.

That’s right no job is too big or too small for the experts at RetroGreen Energy, in fact the project managers at Mortenson Construction knew that RetroGreen was the right fit get all of the blocks injected at Allianz Field in 2017.

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