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RetroGreen Energy is your exclusive source for BPI-certified energy testing in the St. Cloud area. Only RetroGreen employs BPI-certified building analysts who can perform 10 different building science-based tests on your home that measure heat loss, air flow, moisture levels and air quality.

Discover how much uncontrolled air flows through your home with the blower door test

This signature test of home performance offers data about air leakage that can be compared not only to other homes, but also as a before and after look at your project. In some cases, homes have undergone numerous make overs with additions added, rooflines changed or a hidden crawlspace next to an attic that has never had access. These types of hidden spaces in a home can be found when other physical inspections.

Get X-ray vision to see the heat patterns in your home

Using a specialized thermographic camera, we take easy-to-see color coded pictures of your home revealing exactly where heat is escaping and to what degree.

Infrared thermography consists of a thorough visual inspection of a home, including the basement, attic, and all the nooks and crannies, with an infrared camera or another infrared assessment device. It takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the drafts and the leaky spots within a home and registers the exact temperature of various spots, providing a precise visual representation of the imperfections in your home’s thermal envelope.This camera is most effectively used in conjunction with a whole house air leakage test using the blower door to simulate a 20mph wind against every square inch of your home.

Learn how much each room of your home is connected to the outdoors

The goal is 0% connection to the outdoors in heated and cooled indoor spaces, which translates to 100% connection to the outdoors in your garage and attic. We use pressure testing to determine a percentage for each room.

We have a variety of tests with different pricing options to suit your information and documentation requirements. Reports and documentation of testing can be very valuable when your home goes on the market or to prove whether or not your window or furnace project was effective. We offer testing packages so you can get the tests and reports suited to your needs for the best value.

Take the first step in home performance by scheduling an energy audit with RetroGreen today!

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Blower Door Test

Blower Door testing can be used as a air leakage detection device for both residential and commercial buildings.

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