The Benefits of Solar Energy Systems

Going green and saving energy is not just the newest trend; it is here to stay. In 2019, The United States surpassed 2 million solar panel installations, and the prevalence of the green energy source did not stop there. Why are so many people switching to a renewable source? In short, there are many benefits of solar energy, including being

How X-Ray Vision in Your Home Can Improve Your Home’s Performance

Did you know that just like an X-ray to find broken bones, you can use X-ray vision to find cracks and leaks in your home? Professionals can use infrared technology to find the leaks in your home that are unseen to the human eye. There are many benefits to completing an energy audit for your home using thermography, including improving

How to Prevent and Remove Fall Allergens in Your Home

woman using long tissue sneezing from seasonal allergies

The days are getting shorter, and although the changing colors and falling leaves are beautiful to look at, many people need to catch a glance through sniffles and sneezes. Spring is the biggest insurgent of allergies for most, but fall can be equally as bothersome. While you might be expecting to encounter a few fall allergens as you enjoy the

What is Your Home’s Envelope and Why is it Important?

exterior image of a home, idea of a home's envelope

Have you ever heard of a building’s envelope? Most homeowners understand that proper insulation is important in keeping a comfortable home and lower utility bills without giving the idea much more thought. Your home’s defensive barrier against the elements is known as the envelope. When you use electricity and resources to create clean, filtered, and comfortable air flowing in your

What Makes Up a Zero Energy Ready Home?

couple home efficiency Zero Energy Ready Home

You may have heard the term “Zero Energy Ready Home” before, especially if you are in the process of building or remodeling. People assume it’s an industry term that references a home with a good energy score or utility performance. While that’s mostly true, there is much more that goes into a Zero Ready Energy Home. What Is A Zero

Why You May Need to Redo the Insulation in Your Aging Home

Spray foram insulation in an aging home

Older homes often have poor Indoor Air Quality. Aging materials and outdated construction practices offer little to pest control, air sealing, moisture control, and other important air quality measures. Air leaks, unwanted moisture, and even pests can enter your home through the attic, crawl spaces, or unsatisfactorily seals in your home. It is possible to redo the insulation in your

Soundproofing Your Business Using Spray RetroFoam Insulation

busy office space soundproofing

Especially if you live or work in a city, you know how distracting and irritating the sounds of some properties can be. Neighbors, animals, nearby lawn mowers, garbage trucks – it all can be very distracting. Especially for businesses with mechanical functions, even noises coming from another room can disturb a business’s workflow. There is a solution to help reduce

Treating or Converting Your Home’s Crawlspace

Crawl space under house

Crawlspaces: In older homes, it might just be that creepy space behind the wall, under your home, or in your basement. It might only be accessible via a door outside attached to your home, or you might not even realize it’s there. Older homes used crawlspaces to reduce moisture in the home, though this didn’t end up being a very

How to Save Energy and Reduce Utility Costs This Summer

boy changing temperature saving energy utility costs

The higher temps and humidity spikes for summer have returned again. Each year, Minnesotans find themselves thankful to be rid of winter, then slowly dreading venturing outside in the high summer heat. If you haven’t already, it’s important to make a plan for yourself and your family to combat the summer sun without driving up your energy usage! Follow these

The Misconceptions of First-Time Home Buyers

buying a home keys in hands

Purchasing a home is likely the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. It’s not something people decide quickly. In fact, there are plenty of decisions to make before you even begin shopping. Because it’s such a big decision, there a lot of misconceptions around buying a home that might even frighten off potential home buyers. Some people assume they will