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RetroGreen Energy’s method for adding wall insulation to existing homes is the most technologically advanced process available in our region. We can double your R-value (thermal resistance) in just one day, adding year-round comfort and significant energy savings.

It’s all based on the fundamentals of building science. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Recognizing the Problem

Most of the existing structures have a wall insulation problem – old fiberglass batt, horsehair, cellulose or balsam wool insulation that has settled and allows conditioned air to escape into the great outdoors. At RetroGreen, we will examine your home or building to see where this is happening. The good news is that many times the existing insulation is loose enough that our RetroFoam can be injected to stabilize and double the performance.

Step 2: RetroFoam Insulation Application Process

When installing RetroFoam into your existing walls, we will remove a single strip of siding to expose the exterior of the building shell, then drill a small opening into each stud bay. This allows us to inject RetroFoam into the stud cavities without having to tear apart your walls.

Since this foam does not expand, this chemical reaction is much different from the foam many people are familiar with. Those types of foam are petroleum based and are also classified as an exothermic reaction that expands and gives off heat. Our RetroFoam insulation is a cold setting tripolymer foam that does not give off gas, heat, or expand and blow off your sheetrock!

RetroFoam is a game-changing foam insulation material that completely fills wall cavities, adds major thermal resistance and lwill not settle like traditional materials like blown-in cellulose or fiberglass. Both of those fibrous materials tend to settle over time which causes the performance to decrease. RetroFoam stays completely in place at the top of the wall where you need it.

Once we finish injecting the RetroFoam, we will cap the injection holes and reinstall the strip of siding – leaving no visible changes to your structure. You’ll notice the comfort and efficiency and the reduced sound in your house the same day.

Simply The Best Way to Re-Insulate Any Building

Injection wall foam

Panel siding Injection: when siding cant be removed
Steel, vinyl, aluminum siding:
Interior wall injection through sheet rock:

RetroFoam wall cavity foam insulation in Minnesota works just as well for brick, and stucco walls as it does for homes with vinyl, seamless steel, cement board, or half log siding. The only difference is that we drill smaller, 5/8″ holes directly into the masonry for RetroFoam injection. After adding the foam insulation, we fill the holes and repaint them with a custom-matched color. For stucco, we will also hand-grind the texture to completely match your exterior wall.

5/8″ holes are required for injection foam. Other products need much larger holes to install.

You can’t see our 5/8″ holes after patching

Adding insulation to your home or building’s existing walls doesn’t have to be a messy, time-consuming project. With RetroGreen Energy’s experience, we can quickly and carefully inject RetroFoam so you’ll experience the benefits right away.

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RetroFoam injection foam insulation does what other insulation materials can’t — it’s a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product’s very high R-value, its ability to fill a space and the way it molds itself around any obstacle

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