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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation is used in many applications in the high performance housing market today. Many smart homeowners choose spray foam insulation when they build a new house. Unfortunately for the millions of homeowners who want to stay in there existing home the uses of spray foam insulation have their limitations. One the limitations on a existing home is that the wall or ceiling has to be removed to be able to spray the foam in place, where as injectable retrofoam can injected in to a cavity, not sprayed on like paint. Most homeowners don’t want to tear their whole house apart just to make the insulation better. That is why RetroGreen Energy specialized in many non invasive techniques to use the right blend of insulation products for the right application. Whether its walls, attics or sloped ceilings. Spray Foam insulation may be one of the ingredients for your recipe for comfort and savings at your home. It does take one of our experts to show you onsite how and where we can use these blends of high performance products and the best use of noninvasive techniques to achieve affordable solution that will preform.

Benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam for existing homes is best used in attics and foundation, crawlspaces areas where interior finishes do need need to get disturbed to apply this product. When done properly, spray foam can make major impacts on comfort and indoor air quality for its occupants. Many homeowners are in the dark about nasty critters have been cohabitating in their attic and foundation spaces. Spray foam can quickly seal out the nasty stuff so we can all breathe easier all while enjoying a lower bill from your local utility provider. RetroGreen Also Prides itself by using the best foam manufactured in the USA. We do pay a slight premium for our materials we can ensure that our Spray Foam is manufactured by a family run company the was one of the first to manufacture way back in the 1960’s. Ncfi Polyurethane uses the best blowing agents and ingredients in their products so you know you getting the safest and most consistent products installed in your home by factory authorized installers.

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Utility Rebates
Spray foam when every thing is tore apart in a upstairs:
Spray foam in a side attic space where interior finishes are not disturbed.
Spray foam in a attic sloped ceiling when the room was completely gutted:
Side attic/crawlspace before:
Side Attic crawlspace sprayed after.

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RetroFoam injection foam insulation does what other insulation materials can’t — it’s a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product’s very high R-value, its ability to fill a space and the way it molds itself around any obstacle

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