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Many homeowners in Minnesota experience comfort issues, high-energy bills, ice dams or even allergies or mold from high moisture levels in the place we call home. The fact of the matter is the most homes have hidden air leaks and old outdated insulation the can allow uncontrolled movement of air and moisture causing many of the problems home or business owners seek to solve.

RetroGreen Energy focuses on a whole house as a systems approach including the walls attics and foundations. We realize that insulation means more than blowing some more stuff in an attic just to make you feel a false sense of accomplishment. Many homeowners we have worked with didn’t even know they had more than 1 attic or the importance of advanced air sealing hidden under old attic insulation, or that their walls have the original insulation only filling 25% of the walls from 1974. The hidden spaces that are between walls, behind the sheetrock or below a floor are the mystery spaces most owners avoid or forget to think about.

For RetroGreen Energy this is our proclaimed playground for major progress against your problems. Whether its old wall insulation causing rapid room cooldowns in the winter or a sunbaked south and west facing wall heating up a bedroom in the summer.

RetroGreen Energy understands the history of how homes were built, how insulation products were used and the impact our crazy weather patterns have on homes. We have the tools, the staff and knowledge to implement new technology into all existing structures.

RetroGreen Energy specializes in the use of various types of spray foam and injection foam insulation and blown natural fiber cellulose for many different applications that equate to saving money and improving comfort. We can provide a 1 day energy rehabilitation program with proof positive testing to show you the improvements after we are complete. Processes of the past have run their course, the science and physics of heat and air flow in homes has now
long been studied from our first energy crisis 45 years ago. We now know from leading experts in science how to prevent failures so we can make a big impact on your energy consumption, occupant air quality and prevent damage to the structural components of a home.

It’s now time you let your local leading certified, award winning energy experts at RetroGreen energy help solve your problems.

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RetroFoam injection foam insulation does what other insulation materials can’t — it’s a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product’s very high R-value, its ability to fill a space and the way it molds itself around any obstacle

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