Pole Barn Buildings Have Leaky Insulation

Many post and frame buildings have been insulated with Fiberglass insulation. This process was better than nothing however now many of these poorly insulated buildings are in need of a tune-up. Because of the fact that the metal sheathing has many penetration points through holes and mis-aligned laps in the siding, this leakage has been known to severely de-value the

Video: RetroGreen Energy listens to the building science experts!

RetroGreen Energy specializes in the science of how to fix all of the insulation, ice dams, heat loss and gain problems with existing buildings. Many insulation contractors do not have a full understanding of the very important details surrounding building science that are explained in this video.

Is Your Insulation Working? Find Out with an Energy Audit

Winter’s coming. It’s already heating season. So how do you save money on heating costs? You’ve got to own your heat. Simple as that. You’ve paid for all that warm air already, so it doesn’t make much sense to waste it now. A simple enough premise – it’s the application that gets complicated. We (and most building science experts) strongly

Everything You Need to Know About the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010

Pending in the Senate is a bill called the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010, or simply Home Star for short. Sometimes referred to as Cash for Caulkers in street slang, the bill would provide a series of financial incentives for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes through substantive, effective improvements to their homes that save homeowners

Energy Efficient Landscaping for Cooling Down

On cold winter days, a ray of sun streaming into your house can be most welcome – a free source of heat. But what about in the summer, when those rays of sun and other, less-evident solar heat, seep into our already too-hot houses and become a costly nuisance? Well, what happens is that you lose money. But using landscaping

Upgrade Your Refrigerator, Save Money Twice

One of the biggest energy guzzlers in your home (besides, most likely, your thermal envelope, which lets expensive conditioned air escape through air leaks and poorly insulated walls) is the refrigerator. Upgrading it, believe it or not, can save you a bundle of money in the long run, as long as you don’t simply put your old fridge down in