Blower door testing: What is it and why it’s now required for new builds

Identifying where air leaks are inside your building is a bit of detective work. New on the insulation market scene is blower door testing, which has now become a mandatory test in Minnesota’s building code. Blower door testing has transformed energy audits on buildings, new and old, by pinpointing exact areas that are not airtight.


What is blower door testing?

Blower door testing is a diagnostic tool that determines how insulated a home or business is. This audit is performed by insulation professionals to help homeowners and business owners pinpoint whether there are leaks within their buildings.


A blower door is installed in an outer facing doorframe and is outfitted with a fan and gauge. The blower door first depressurizes the home. Then, your insulation professional will tour the building to complete their audit test.


Why is blower door testing now required?

During a blower door assessment, homeowners will find out how air is moving throughout their home and whether any leaks need to be addressed. Blower door testing is now part of an energy audit that keeps buildings in compliance with state building codes. Furthermore, these tests help owners fix leaks to save money on their energy bills in the future.


How can blower door testing improve your home?

Blower door testing does not only address leaks and saves your money, it also determines the quality of the air in your home. Blower door testing can actually identify whether backdrafting is occurring. Backdrafting is when gaseous air reverses and instead seeps into your home instead of being released outdoors. This can happen with exhaust fans, fireplaces and dryers. With these fumes staying in the building, it directly impacts your building’s air quality. A blower test will be able to identify this problem and help you correct it sooner rather than later.


Blower door testing can help alleviate numerous insulation and air problems that are occurring within your home. By addressing air quality, airflow and insulation effectiveness, a blower door test is well worth the investment in making sure that your home is properly prepared and equipped for the colder months that approach.

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