Conquering Your Attic

One of the keys to living comfortably year-round in the Minneapolis and Saint Cloud areas is to take a close look at the home’s perimeter, or “envelope.” The home envelope is essentially the physical barrier that separates conditioned (heated or cooled) and unconditioned areas in and around the home. In order for the envelope to be effective, it must be tight and not have many cracks and gaps. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and problems can often be found in the attic.

Trying to get rid of drafts and enhance home performance? Start by taking control of your attic.

How Important is the Attic to My Home Envelope?

The attic is often considered to be out of sight, out of mind, yet it’s one of the most important parts of the home envelope. Without proper attic treatment, ice dams and moisture problems can damage the structural integrity of your home and cause health issues due to mold growth. Picture a home with an attic that hasn’t been properly air sealed or insulated as if it were a strainer. All those little holes allow air to move through, which is less than ideal for home performance and energy efficiency. With air sealing and insulation, the home becomes a tightly-sealed container, which means way less loss of conditioned air.

Why Air Seal AND Insulate?

Many homeowners think they can enhance home energy efficiency by either air sealing or insulating spaces like the attic or the basement. While each is an effective service, both work far better when combined. An attic’s insulation is like a sweater, while air sealing serves as the windbreaker. The combination is exponentially more effective than each on their own, which is why air sealing and insulation go hand in hand with one another. Air seal and insulate your attic, and you can expect to see a dramatic decrease in conditioned air loss.

RetroGeen Energy: Our Name Says it All

When it comes to retrofitting existing structures to maximize energy efficiency and home comfort, we’re the local experts you’re looking for. The team at RetroGreen Energy holds a thorough understanding of home efficiency and performance, and we can insulate and air seal your attic to ensure that energy loss becomes a thing of the past. No matter how large, small, old or new your home may be, you can count on us to help.

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