What’s in Your Walls?

You may recall a few months back that we did a “Do you know what’s in your walls?” blog that talked about some of the weird things people have found in their homes either when they were moving out, doing a little exploring, or renovating. It’s time to do another roundup of all the weird things people have found in their walls.



It’s hard to believe, but yes, mummified babies have been found between walls. One Parisian couple was even charged with murder after a mummified baby fell out from between the walls of their apartment. Eventually, the charges were dropped once the time of death was determined by a physician (who used insects to figure this out!). As recent as 2007, a mummified baby was found inside the walls of a home in Toronto.



If you thought babies were bad, imagine a child being found in your walls! In 2009, an Illinois boy was found hidden in the walls of his grandmother’s house. He’d disappeared two years prior, and was hiding and living in the walls of the home.



A collection of shoes was found in a gothic palace in Germany. Shoes were built into the walls of Papillion Hall in England. Churches and cottages across Europe and the United States have also found shoes placed within the walls. It seems weird, but scholars think this was practiced to promote good luck and prevent evil spirits from entering the home.



Have you ever heard of Keith Haring? He’s a famous artist known for his pop art and graffiti-like style. One couple found one of his murals painted on their wall!



What would you do if you found a safe hidden in your walls? Open it, of course! That’s what one couple did when they found a 50-year-old safe. They found over fifty thousand dollars, bourbon, and a book.


A Vincent van Gogh Painting

You’d be pretty lucky if you were the Norwegian homeowner that found an unsigned Vincent van Gogh in their attic!



After one comic book was found in the walls of a home after it was demolished, it ended up being auctioned off for $175,000.


From archaeological treasures, to art, money, and corpses, it seems like there is no shortage of weird things found within the walls of people’s homes.

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