How The Stack Effect Hurts Minneapolis Area Homes

Not many people know what the stack effect is, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most common problems homeowners in the Saint Cloud and Minneapolis area can face. Specifically, the stack effect occurs when dense, cold air seeps into the lower levels of a building and pushes the less dense, hot air up and out of the building through gaps in sealing and insulation called leaks.

Air seal pesky leaks that allow comfortable air to escape with RetroGreen Energy’s sealing service and prevent the stack effect from happening to your Minneapolis home!

The Stack Effect & Your Home

The hot air lost from the constant addition of cold air in the sublevels of your home are a lot more costly than you might realize. Due to constant losses of hot air, your home’s heating systems have to use more energy in order to keep your home warm, which isn’t always successful. This leads to significantly higher energy bills and less comfortable temperatures in your home during the winter season. It’s important to remember that this problem isn’t just a winter issue, because the opposite effect takes place during the summer months.

the stack effect

The Stack Effect In Summer

Even when cold air isn’t the problem, hot air can be. The hot air and heat from the sun seeps into the top of your roof and forces the cool air down and out of your home. This will also cause higher energy bills (A/C) and less comfortable home temperatures. The stack effect not only costs you money; it costs you the comfort of your home as well.

The bad news is if either scenario is left untreated, the stack effect can evolve into a more drastic problem: The condensation buildup throughout the home can cause mold, often resulting in unhealthy indoor air quality and other issues.

Common Sources of Air Leaks

These common problem areas in your Saint Cloud or Minneapolis area home can be detected and fixed easily with an air sealing appointment with RetroGreen Energy. Here are some of the most common sources of air leaks:

  • Chimney

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Bath Lights

  • Can Light

  • Skylights

  • Entranceways

  • Wall Plate

  • Knee walls

  • Rim Joist

Air Sealing Can Stop The Stack Effect!

There are many leaks in different areas of your home that you can seal to prevent the stack effect from occurring. Our BPI-certified analysts will thoroughly inspect your house for leaks with an energy audit. During an energy audit, analysts can perform up to 10 different building science-based tests that measure air flow, heat loss, air quality and moisture levels. If any leaks are detected, our team will seal up the potential or active problem spots by using long lasting and tough acting spray foam. Sealing your home will not only save you money in the long run, it’ll save you from forfeiting the everyday comforts a home should have.

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