How X-Ray Vision in Your Home Can Improve Your Home’s Performance

Did you know that just like an X-ray to find broken bones, you can use X-ray vision to find cracks and leaks in your home? Professionals can use infrared technology to find the leaks in your home that are unseen to the human eye. There are many benefits to completing an energy audit for your home using thermography, including improving your home’s energy efficiency and performance.


What is Thermography?

The Department of Energy describes thermography as a process that, “measures surface temperatures by using infrared video and still cameras. These tools see light that is in the heat spectrum.” So when a professional comes into your home with a thermography tool, the infrared technology will pick up places where the temperature coming in is different. The images that are found with the cameras will allow the auditor to know where insulation needs to go. This X-ray vision not only helps you find cracks but can also find places your insulation was not installed correctly.


What are the Benefits of an Energy Audit?

The goal of getting an energy audit is to have no air coming from the outside into your home. If you go through an audit process, you will know the places of your home air coming inside and where you are losing energy. When you are aware of these places, you can correct them. By sealing up cracks or re-installing insulation in your home, you will improve your home’s energy performance, and you might even notice savings on your electricity bill. When a part of your home loses energy by having unwanted air come in, your heating and cooling system will work hard to get that room to the desired temperature. By fixing the issue, the system won’t have to work as hard and save you money.


Home energy audits with X-ray vision are a great place to start when trying to save energy within your home. At RetroGreen, we use infrared technology to give you the most accurate energy audit possible. With our services, you will save money and have a better performing home, so contact us today.

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