Moisture Problems in the Home

Winter is here in Minneapolis/Saint Cloud, and for many homeowners, this time of year can bring quite a bit of moisture along with it. While moisture in the home isn’t something that often gets talked about, it’s quite common in Minnesota and should not go overlooked. It’s a bigger problem than most people think and while physical damage to the home is certainly a concern, an even more problematic issue can be seen in moisture’s effects on indoor air quality.

Causes of Mold Issues

Mold is commonly discussed as being a problem which affects homeowners of all walks of life, yet many people don’t realize how it becomes a problem in the first place. In most cases, the culprit can be seen in air leakage. It’s not uncommon for homes to have small cracks and gaps scattered throughout, which can result in a great deal of air leakage and allow moisture to enter into the home. Mold is essentially a direct result of moisture buildup, and the problem only gets worse if left to fester.

As one might expect, moisture in the attic can be one of the biggest problems. Attics are one of the more common sources of leakage and thus it is imperative that yours is sealed properly. RetroGreen Energy is your local expert in home air sealing, especially when it comes to attics. Many contractors will simply blow a large quantity of insulation and then leave the job site, which leaves gaping holes in your envelope and does not directly solve the problem. We will go into the tough to reach places and ensure every inch of your envelope is properly sealed.

Why Moisture Should Not Go Overlooked

Many Minnesota homeowners live busy lifestyles, and when you’re constantly running around it can be difficult to focus on things such as moisture issues. The problem with letting moisture build and not doing anything about it is that mold will almost always develop. This negatively affects the quality if your air and also puts the structure of your home in a danger. The best way to ensure that these and other problems don’t get in the way of home performance is to have your home evaluated by a professional contractor.

At RetroGreen Energy, we understand the finer points of building science and how mold affects Minnesota homes. Each member of our team is trained to analyze homes for even the trickiest of mold issues, and we’ll work to ensure poor indoor air quality and home comfort issues never become a problem for you and your family again. Clearing up moisture issues is especially important for those who suffer from allergies, and many people find their symptoms improve shortly after making the prescribed changes. Once the work is performed, you won’t have to worry about the threat of costly maintenance and/or repairs.

Overlooking moisture is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you’re looking to improve home performance. Our team of talented professionals is standing by, waiting to help you and your family enjoy the coming of the new year.

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