Take Care of Your Attic, It’s Important!

Although it’s an area you probably don’t give much thought to, your attic is an important part of your home. How can you take care of it to ensure you experience year-round comfort and savings?

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing

Most homes in the St. Cloud, MN area have hundreds of cracks and gaps that quickly add up. These holes leak warm air during the winter and allow hot air to enter during the summer. Sealing these leaks will help keep air where it belongs.

Pairing comprehensive air sealing, particularly in the attic, with high-performance insulation offers a thermal and air barrier to keep your home warmer when it’s cold out and cooler during the hot months.

By properly air sealing and insulating your attic, you’ll quickly see the benefits pile up. These upgrades will help to:

  • Increase Comfort

When your attic is air sealed and insulated with a material like spray foam or cellulose, heat stays where it’s supposed to. During the winter, you’ll keep the warmth inside, allowing you to stay warm and cozy. During the summer, the heat will stay outside, helping you stay cool and comfortable indoors.

  • Stop Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams form when your attic isn’t air sealed and insulated since warm air escapes and causes accumulated snow to melt. Then as the water moves towards the edge of the roof, it refreezes forming dangerous and damaging ice dams.

Protect your home, roof, attic and siding from the trouble that ice dams can cause by properly air sealing and insulating your home’s attic.

  • Lower Your Monthly Energy Bills

When your home’s conditioned air isn’t escaping (due to air sealing) and a thermal barrier (insulation) prevents heat transfer, you’ll be more comfortable year-round. As a result, you won’t need to run your heating and cooling systems as much. This will reduce your monthly bills, helping you save.

Minnesota’s Attic Specialists: RetroGreen Energy

Many homeowners aren’t always sure what state their attic is in. However, they might have a sneaking suspicion that something is off if they notice ice dams, discomfort and high monthly bills.

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