Why your foundation might be the culprit of your low energy grade

Low energy grades are must-fix in your home. Low energy grades often lead to higher energy bills and overall, a home that is often too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. The major culprits in low energy grade audits are the foundation and basement of your home. According to research conducted by the University of Minnesota, 15 percent of wasted energy came from poorly insulated or uninsulated home foundations. Here are some common myths and reasons why your basement and foundation are to blame for your poor energy grade:

Myth: The ground is a good insulator

It’s a myth that the ground is a good insulator for your home. In fact, the ground allows for numerous elements to penetrate through your foundation and seep into your home. This could include air and even water. To prevent water and drafts of air from seeping into your basement, injection foam insulation can fill all the cracks and cavities where air and water can leak through. Not only does this increase the energy efficiency of your basement, but also the durability of your foundation.

Not all foundations are created equal

There are numerous types of foundations for your home. From rubble, brick, poured concrete and even concrete blocks, all these types of foundations have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, rubble, brick and stone foundations are old foundation methods that are rarely damp-proofed. Due to their high mortar content, they are more likely to absorb water from the surrounding soil. In order to determine your foundation’s overall energy efficiency, contact an insulation professional to inspect your current foundation and how you can improve your overall energy rating. In addition, an insulation professional will be able to correct and address other problems you might be experiencing in your basement such as dampness or water leaks.

Consult an insulation professional

Unfortunately, not all homes are created equal. Furthermore, not all homes are loved and cared for as they should be. In order to make sure that your home lasts for many more years and is safe for your family, consult with the professionals. Our team will be able to pinpoint problems in your home and fix them before they become worst. Best of all, our insulation professionals will make sure that your home stays comfortable and cozy for you all year round.

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