4 Common Insulation Mistakes

Although you probably know just how important insulation is here in the Saint Cloud and Twin Cities area, you might not be aware of the common mistakes which inhibit its effectiveness. Our Minnesota winters are tough, but even during the summer it’s imperative that your home’s insulation is properly installed to guarantee you’re reaping all of its benefits, such as true energy efficiency.

So how can you ensure your home is making the most of its insulation? Start by avoiding these 4 common insulation mistakes:

1. DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation should always be applied by a certified professional. Due to its off-gassing, spray foam must be installed using specialized equipment in a protective suit. Qualified experts know how to properly, evenly distribute the spray polyurethane foam (SPF), ensuring heat resistance is uniform throughout. The professionals at RetroGreen are trained in applying the appropriate amount of spray foam to guarantee adequate R-value (thermal resistance) in your home’s wall, basement or attic insulation.

2. Not Air Sealing

Air leaks are one of the major culprits of energy inefficiency, robbing your home of its conditioned air and introducing air pollutants and moisture. In order to make your insulation truly effective and create a thermal and pressure boundary in your home, air sealing is required. This will ensure your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while improving its indoor air quality and keeping you comfortable year-round.

3. Inadequate Fiberglass Batt Insulation

The most common mistake associated with fiberglass batt insulation is that the batts are not sized to fit your home’s cavity properly. If the batts don’t extend to the full limits of the space or are bunched up because they are too large, they are not doing their duty of insulating effectively. Always measuring fiberglass batt insulation to suit the space into which it will be installed is key.

4. Overstuffing Insulation

Stuffing or jamming bits of insulation into various nooks and crannies inside your home is a fruitless effort. Smushing insulation into a tight space compresses the tiny air pockets which allow most types of insulation to work.

The professionals at RetroGreen won’t cut corners and will ensure every space in your home is insulated properly. Avoid or reverse these 4 common insulation mistakes with help from the experts at RetroGreen. Your home will thank you by being more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

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