Cold floors can be a real pain in the foot!

It may seem difficult to identify the reason for cold floors during the winter, but oftentimes it is something fairly simple and easy to correct. For instance, if your attic is not properly insulated warm air will escape out of the top. This causes cold air to be drawn in from your crawlspace underneath the floors and, in turn, causes them to be cold.

Air Leakage in a Home

(image courtesy of

Air Leaking through small cracks leave stains on fiberglass before and after air-sealing of electrical penetrations and partition walls

In the image to the left, black streaking is caused from air leakage out of the building. All homes leak air, some leak much worse than others and this is precisely why air sealing attics before adding more insulation is crucial. Choosing to omit this step is considered malpractice. Here at RetroGreen Energy we won’t just blow and go! We take a whole home approach to ensure you will have a comfortable living enviornment all year round.

Once your attic is air sealed and re-insulated then the wise choice is to tackle the basement to seal up and re-insulate with spray foam insulation to permanently seal your leaks and make your floors warm again. Spray foam insulation in your crawlspace will make you entire house warmer after the leakage in the attic is air sealed.

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