Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Spray Foam Insulation

If your rooms are drafty, you’re noticing condensation in your windows, and you have cold spots on your floors or walls, it’s probably time for an energy audit to determine where you are losing heat. The solution is often air sealing and insulation, and it will help you save valuable energy. It might seem like a great DIY project, but installing spray foam insulation is not an endeavor you should take on yourself.

If you need to insulate your home, chances are you’ve already begun to read how-to articles on Google. The process may seem basic, but it isn’t as simple as rolling out batts of insulation or spraying your walls with foam insulation. For starters, embarking on an insulation project yourself means you may choose the wrong insulation. There are numerous products out there—making it all the more difficult to choose the right one for your home. In the case of spray foam insulation, you could mix it incorrectly or apply it at too high of a temperature. This often leads the insulation to pull away from framing.

Installing insulation may put you in unsafe environments, which makes relying on technicians the best option. You might not have the proper safety equipment to prepare the space, either. Completing a project of this nature yourself could do more harm than good, and you don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage to your home.

You need to make sure your installation is not only installed properly, but in the right places. A professional will perform tests before the installation process, so they’ll know which specific locations need to be covered. If you’re attempting to install insulation yourself, it is much easier to miss crucial areas. You may not spray enough foam or on the contrary, spray too much. Similarly, if you don’t understand the building envelope, the insulation won’t be installed properly. When properly installed, spray foam insulation easily outperforms other forms of insultation, like fiberglass.

DIY projects are great, yes, but search for projects that are easier and more rewarding than DIY insulation. When you need spray foam insulation installed, call the experts at RetroGreen. Our team will provide the cost-effective services you need.

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