3 common myths about injection foam insulation

Injection foam insulation is one of the newer insulation methods that has hit the market. Due to homeowner’s unfamiliarity to the product, misconceptions and false doubts are often spread about the product. Many of these rumors are false. Learn the truth about injection foam insulation and discover what it fits your homeowner insulation needs.   Myth: RetroFoam insulation is too

3 telltale signs that you need to replace your home’s insulation

When it comes to maintaining your home, one of your highest priorities should be checking the condition of your house’s insulation. Insulation is one of the few materials that keeps your home safe from harsh weather and extensive home damage. Knowing whether it’s time to replace your insulation can be a tricky, but here are a few telltale signs whether

How to Increase Property Value with Insulation

When you’re making the decision to add insulation to your home, it’s usually because you notice that it’s unusually cold in your home during the winter or your electric bill is far too high because your furnace is working overtime to compensate for poor insulation and air leaks in your home. You’re probably not thinking about how adding insulation can

What’s in Your Walls?

You may recall a few months back that we did a “Do you know what’s in your walls?” blog that talked about some of the weird things people have found in their homes either when they were moving out, doing a little exploring, or renovating. It’s time to do another roundup of all the weird things people have found in

How to Reduce Utility Bills and Increase Property Value

Everyone is looking for a way to reduce energy bills and improve property value of their home. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home right now, you’ll need to sell it eventually, and everyone could use a few extra dollars in their pocket. A great way to reduce utility bills and improve the property value of your home

What is Retrofitting?

One of our main goals here at RetroGreen Energy is to use high performance insulation and building science to improve home performance and energy efficiency. We retrofit existing buildings with an insulation system that will keep a regulated, comfortable temperature inside, and Mother Nature’s air outside. You may have heard of the term “retrofitting,” but do you understand what it

Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Spray Foam Insulation

If your rooms are drafty, you’re noticing condensation in your windows, and you have cold spots on your floors or walls, it’s probably time for an energy audit to determine where you are losing heat. The solution is often air sealing and insulation, and it will help you save valuable energy. It might seem like a great DIY project, but

What to Expect During a Home Energy Audit

You pay enough each month for your electric bill—you don’t want to be wasting that precious energy you’re paying for. To ensure your home is operating safely and efficiently, schedule an energy audit to determine your home’s energy effectiveness. Before you schedule, let’s discuss what happens during a standard energy audit. An energy audit can take several hours depending on

Say Goodbye to Window Condensation

Do you notice condensation on your windows during the winter? You might think condensation on your home’s windows is just a normal part of the cold weather routine, but it certainly doesn’t need to be. Condensation isn’t just an annoyance; it can be damaging to your home, from rotting wood and damaging plaster, to bringing excess moisture into the home.

Do You Know What’s in Your Walls?

If your walls could talk, what would they say? Would asbestos be present in the materials? Would rodents or bats be scurrying or flying around? If you have critters in your walls or thousands of snakes like one Idaho couple, you should probably call the exterminator. But what if you find money or hidden treasures? What if you found bones