4 Common Insulation Mistakes

Although you probably know just how important insulation is here in the Saint Cloud and Twin Cities area, you might not be aware of the common mistakes which inhibit its effectiveness. Our Minnesota winters are tough, but even during the summer it’s imperative that your home’s insulation is properly installed to guarantee you’re reaping all of its benefits, such as

How Insulation Affects Heat Transfer

Many people who live in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud area believe that the main purpose of insulation is to keep their homes warm in the wintertime when the snow is falling. While this is true, it overlooks the fact that insulation is just as important during the summertime as it is in the winter. Why? The simple answer boils

Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills

The moment the summer weather starts to set in here in the Twin Cities, many residents immediately reach for their thermostats and start lowering them by at least a few degrees. While extensively running our HVAC systems can keep our homes cool, it can also result in a noticeable increase in our monthly energy bills. Many homeowners don’t realize that

Why You Should Insulate in the Summer

Summer is right around the corner here in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN areas, and many residents are doing everything they can to ensure that they’re ready for the hot weather to come. While AC maintenance or purchasing brand new cooling systems are both effective ways to prepare, one important aspect of home cooling that often gets overlooked is

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What Should I Do About My Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces are extremely common in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud areas, yet they often go ignored by homeowners who are looking to enhance home performance and energy efficiency. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the majority of “fresh air” that characterizes a home is brought in through tiny cracks, gaps and air leaks in the home envelope.

Worried About Foam Insulation?

> One of the first things that many people who are setting out to improve their home’s insulation discover is that there are a number of different materials from which to choose. Deciding on the right insulation material for your home can be challenging, especially considering the fact that each type of insulation has its own set of pros and

Does Your Home Have the Proper Insulation?

When it comes to valuable home performance upgrades, insulation often finds itself at the top of the list for most home performance contractors. Its importance simply cannot be overemphasized, and when combined with proper air sealing, the positive effects that insulation can have on your home can be instantly noticeable. Unfortunately, many homes in Minneapolis and Saint Cloud suffer from

Conquering Your Attic

One of the keys to living comfortably year-round in the Minneapolis and Saint Cloud areas is to take a close look at the home’s perimeter, or “envelope.” The home envelope is essentially the physical barrier that separates conditioned (heated or cooled) and unconditioned areas in and around the home. In order for the envelope to be effective, it must be

Advanced Diagnostics: The Blower Door Test

Many homeowners in the Minneapolis and Saint Cloud areas wonder how exactly home performance experts can identify and diagnose a home. The fact is, there are a number of key indicators that can clue contractors in to an underperforming home, some of which are easier to find than others. One of the most important indicators is a lack of air